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Product Designers

"Bladesign allowed us to work with a new kind of material: wind turbine rotor blades. This enabled us to develop a furniture series that is unique in its form and a reminder to all of us to always consider the complete life cycle of a product."

- Felix Tarantik

Christian-017 by petit piaf-kleiner.jpg


Street Artist

"As a street artist I am used to dealing with unusual surfaces, but I always find it challenging to work with new shapes.

The cooperation with bladesign was dynamic, flexible, innovative and focused on problem-solving."

- Christian Krämer


KIT. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Second life for wind rotor blades. Germany, April 15, 2019. Objects made from upcycled wind turbine blades. Italy, April 2019.

Horecatrends: Rotor Blade furniture | Recycling wind turbines. Netherlands, April 11, 2019.

Material District: What not to miss during Milan Design Week 2019. Netherlands, April 8, 2019.

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